What Photographers Can Expect From The New iPhone 6

Exciting news! The release of the new iPhone 6 is now imminent and Apple are expected to unveil it on September 9. In this article I take a look at the latest rumors about the new iPhone, including what to expect from the camera upgrades.

iPhone 6 Rumors 9

Mock-up image of iPhone 6 by ADR Studio

Apple have sent out their official invite to a major media event as shown below. The date is September 9, and as always it’s surrounded by secrecy. But without a doubt, this is going to be where they’ll unveil the new iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Rumors 1

Although the new iPhone’s features are kept top secret by Apple until its release, the internet is full of rumors and leaks. I’ve been trawling through this information to find out what to expect from the iPhone 6, specifically with regards to the camera and photography.

While many of these rumors may prove to be correct, we never really know until Apple officially release the new product… but you don’t have long to wait now!

There tends to be a 10 day delay between the unveiling of the new iPhone by Apple and when they’ll go on sale, so it’s likely they’ll hit the shops around the September 19. We’ll definitely keep you updated.

Two Sizes

Last September, Apple released two new iPhones (the 5s and the 5c). This year it’s looking like they might do the same, but the major difference between the two phones will be in their size.

The current iPhone 5s has a 4 inch screen, and it’s likely that the iPhone 6 will have a larger 4.7 inch screen.

It’s speculated that Apple will also release a much larger 5.5 inch model to compete with some of the other “phablets” (a combination of phone and tablet) on the market.

iPhone 6 Rumors 11

This mock-up by Ciccarese Design shows how the two new sizes would compare to the iPhone 5s on the left. There’s quite a jump in size, providing a lot more screen space.

A bigger screen is obviously great for photography as you get a larger viewfinder when taking photos, as well as more space to display, view and edit your images.

New Features

The new iPhone should include a faster A8 chip, a possible 128GB storage option and hopefully a new charger for quicker charging of the battery.

It’s likely to be thinner and lighter than previous iPhones, and may have edge-to-edge glass or at least a thinner bezel around the edge of the phone.

iPhone 6 Rumors 5

It could have a sapphire glass display which is more durable and virtually scratch-resistant, although this may be limited to the larger 5.5-inch model. Sapphire glass is currently used on the rear camera lens and the touch ID home button of the iPhone 5s.

The color options will probably be the same as the iPhone 5s: silver, space gray and gold (although the space gray may be slightly lighter).

Camera Features

So, let’s move on to what you’re probably most interested in… the new camera!

Apple isn’t one to jump on the pixels bandwagon. In their opinion, and quite rightly so, the size of the sensor and the quality of the lens is more important than the number of pixels.

They didn’t increase the number of pixels last year and some say they won’t this year, although it’s likely that we’ll see an increase from the current 8 megapixels to 10 megapixels. Some say it’s going to jump to 13 megapixels, but we’ll have to wait and see.

iPhone 6 Rumors 12

It’s likely the lens will have a wider aperture of possibly f/1.8 compared to the current f/2.2. The aperture is the size of the opening in the lens which lets light through to the sensor. The smaller the f/number the larger the aperture, and therefore the more light can reach the sensor.

The benefit of a wider aperture, and therefore more light, is that you can take better quality photos in low light situations. More light coming in through the lens means the shutter doesn’t have to stay open so long, and will therefore reduce the risk of camera shake.

A wider aperture also enables you to get a shallower depth of field in your photos, so your subjects can be in sharp focus while the background is blurred.

One interesting rumor is that the rear camera lens on the iPhone 6 will protrude slightly from the body, similar to the iPod touch as shown below. This protruding lens could be surrounded by a bayonet mounting system for interchangeable lenses, such as wide-angle and telephoto.

iPhone 6 Rumors 3

The embedded IR (infrared) filter in the lens could be improved, allowing for clearer photos with more accurate colors. And the front FaceTime camera may get an upgrade.

Hopefully they’ll also include a bigger sensor in the new larger bodies which will result in better quality images.

A really useful camera feature would be the rumored inclusion of image stabilization, which will help with creating sharper and more detailed shots in low light conditions.

There’s talk of two different image stabilization technologies. The superior optical image stabilization (OIS) system will possibly only be included in the 5.5-inch model, while the 4.7-inch version will feature electronic image stabilization that offers faster auto-focusing.

Once the new iPhone has been officially released, we’ll be sure to update you on all of it’s technical and camera specifications. Only one week to go!